Our products


PUPA is the trendy Italian make-up line. This make-up is very user friendly and most products are hypoallergenic. Pupa make-up contains only natural ingredients with a high pigment contents. You will simply love Pupa’s longlasting colourful make-up!


Before every facial we make an analysis of your skin. The results of this analysis help us to choose the right produts for your type of skin. We use only “SKEYNDOR” products from Spain. In Spain “SKEYNDOR” is market leader of products to do with skin treatment.


None of the products we use were tested on animals.


Ontdek de kracht van Aloë Vera. Van Plant - naar Product - Naar U.


More and more people choose for the pure quality of natural products. Weleda offers such a line of natural products, for body and face.


Weleda products are 100% natural and free of synthetic colourings and preservatives. Also the perfumes that are used in Weleda products, like all ingredients by the way, are based on mineral oils only. Because of these pure ingredients Weleda products are of the very best quality. They are not tested on animals. For all these qualities Weleda products are highly favoured by both specialists and consumers.